7 Playroom Items I Can’t Live Without

There are seven playroom items I can’t live without. They contribute to the fun our children have in their room, but also help solve storage problems.

To be truthfully honest, our children’s playroom is also their bedroom. We live in a two bedroom farmhouse and so there isn’t any space for a separate playroom.

I am not complaining, though. Before we added on to our house recently, we only had one bedroom and most of our son’s and daughter’s toys were in the living room.

So, a combination bedroom and playroom is wonderful to me! No more tripping over toys in the living room in the middle of the night!

The bedroom is quite small, but that is a good thing, too. It means our kids can’t have tons of toys! It also means some toys have to be rotated.

Even though, the room can’t accommodate lots of items, there are a few that are too important not to have in there.

Read on for the all important list!

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1. Play Table

This play table was made by my wonderful husband. My daughter had some developmental delays as a baby. Her physical therapist suggested we buy a short play table that she could use to practice pulling herself up.

After scouring the internet for options, my awesome hubby just bought some wood at Menards and made this amazing table in one evening! I love being married to a handy man!

Now, our one year-old daughter (who recently graduated from physical therapy…yippee!) climbs on top of the table and plays with her toys.

Our four year-old son also uses this table to play with his cars, blocks and Legos. When the kids get older, my husband said he may make the legs longer so the table is taller.

We might even make the table into a Lego table or train table. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you updated.

If it is not feasible for you to make a play table yourself, check out these options.

2. Play Rug

Thanks to his uncle, our son has a Paw Patrol area rug to play on. He loves this big map of Adventure Bay because it has roads he can drive his cars and trucks on.

I love it because it provides some cushioning on the hardwood floor. Our daughter isn’t quite old enough to play with it, yet. It could be interesting if she isn’t a Paw Patrol fan!

There are many other area rugs you can use in a playroom. Some are interactive and some aren’t. Some provide more cushioning than others.

Check out area rugs here if you are looking for rugs your children can interact with.

3. Play Kitchen

My mother often tells the story of how she got up early so she could be the first one in line at a garage sale. She was determined to buy a play kitchen for me to play with.

My younger brother and I would play for hours with that kitchen essentially made out of cardboard. I have no idea what ever happened to it, but it was an integral part of my childhood.

Several months ago, our son started asking for a play kitchen. He loves to help his daddy cook breakfast and he plays with the play kitchen at his preschool as much as he can. I knew he would definitely play with one if we could find a reasonably priced one.

Imagine my delight when I received a text from a friend offering us this beautiful play kitchen. Her children had outgrown it and hadn’t even played with it that much.

Both our kids love this piece of play furniture in their room. They play with it often and would definitely agree it is their favorite toy of all.

4. Stuffed Storage Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag that stores stuffed animals? Sign me up! I am all about dual-purpose and so I love this amazing chair that also stores all the stuffed animals our kids have accumulated in the last few years.

Our son likes it because he can sit on it and look at books or videos. Our daughter (at this point anyway) just loves to roll all over it.

Both children like to transport it to other rooms which can be good or not so good depending on the situation.

Even so, I still recommend it because it is an amazing solution to both storage and movable furniture in a small playroom.

Amazon (affiliate) also sells different models of this genius invention. Check them out here!

5. Storage Bins

Good storage is a must in play rooms. There needs to be a place for
your children to put all the toys once they are finished playing with

The family who donated the play kitchen also passed these storage bins on to us. It is easy to organize by item because the bins are open making it easy to see what kind of toy goes in each one.

Right now Legos are in one bin, toy cars in another, wooden blocks in another and so on.

My plan is to make picture labels so the kids know exactly what to put in each bin.

If you are looking for a colorful storage solution for your playroom, this storage set is perfect!

6. Collapsible Storage Cubes

Storage is always an issue in a small house like ours and so making use of every inch is important. There is a lot of empty space under the play table. I found that collapsible, soft storage cubes work the best to store toys under the table.

It’s easy to pull the crates with foam blocks or dolls out from under the table and dump the contents out to play with them.

Clean up time is simple, too, because the kids can just put the toys into the appropriate crates and push them back under the table.

Want some collapsible cubes for your playroom storage? You can find them here.

7. Bookshelves

The final item of the seven playroom items I can’t live without is a work in progress. My husband is still in the process of making bookshelves to store the boat load of books we have at our house.

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I have at least 20 large storage totes of children’s books. I love to read them to my children, but need space to store and organize them.

I will share more about the finished bookshelf project later.

Fun, but practical!

I believe that a playroom should be fun, but it should also be practical. That is the basis behind these seven playroom items I can’t live without.

They all contribute to the fun, but they also help solve the problem of storage that arises, especially in small play areas.

What playroom items can you not live without? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Don’t forget the true purpose of a playroom. Remember to provide lots of opportunity for your children to play and join them as often as you can.

May your children have many playful moments in their playroom.

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