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7 Must Have Silly Song Albums for Kids

Music is a huge part of our life. I love to sing silly songs to my kids, but I also love to play songs from CDs. These must have silly song albums for kids are the ones I used practically every day with my students when I taught Kindergarten.

I love them because they help kids learn in a fun way. Most of them also incorporate movement with the music. That’s very important when teaching five year-olds.

Now I use these albums with my own children. They both love to sing and dance to the music and it is a fun way to release all the energy they have oozing out of them.

I also want to clarify that any album by the following artists is recommended as well. These seven silly song albums for kids are the ones I happen to have the most experience with and therefore wholeheartedly endorse.

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1. Singable Songs for the Very Young Album-cover-forSingable-Songs-for-the-very-young-by-Raffi-theplayfulmoments

This is Raffi’s first and best-selling album. I love all the amazing songs on this album.

The songs I used ALL the time with my students were Down By the Bay, Willoughby Wallaby Woo, Spider on the Floor and Five Little Frogs.

A fun song for Halloween is Five Little Pumpkins. Each year around the holidays, we would sing Must Be Santa and My Dreidel.

During Dental Health Month in February the kids loved Brush Your Teeth.

This album has it all and is definitely recommended for teaching or practicing rhyming.

2. We All Live Together Volume 2 Album-cover-Greg-and-Steve-We-All-Live-Together-Volume-Two-theplayfulmoments

This CD by Greg and Steve got the most workout of any in my classroom.


The Freeze is the most requested song ever in all of my Kindergarten classes.

The kids loved moving to the music and then freezing in place like a statue whenever the music stopped. My son’s preschool class requests this song all the time from their teacher.

It is worth buying the album just for that one song. It’s that good!

Two other songs that I used frequently were Listen and Move and The Boogie Walk. They also were perfect for getting wiggles out of kids.

3. Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye? by Hap Palmer Album-cover-for-Hap-Palmer-Can-a-Cherry-Pie-Wave-Goodbye-theplayfulmoments

Hap Palmer does a fantastic job teaching all kinds of skills and concepts through his music.

The kids I taught absolutely loved Stepping Out on the Town. I used it to teach time on the hour.


Bean Bag Alphabet Rag uses bean bags to help teach body parts, motions and the alphabet.


Everyone Can Be a Helper is a fun song that teaches kids about careers.

Say the Opposite is a song that (you guessed it) teaches opposite words.

Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye teaches kids the difference between real and make-believe.

Our son’s favorite songs from this album are Animal Quiz 1 and Animal Quiz 2. He loves trying to figure out what animal they are singing about from the clues given in the song.

This is another album with oodles of terrific songs.

4. Tony Chestnut and Fun Time Action Songs Album-cover-for-The-Learning-Station-Tony-Chestnut-theplayfulmoments

This album by The Learning Station is filled with hilarious active songs.

Tony Chestnut was the most poplar in my classes. Toe. Knee. Chest. Nut (Head). Yep, you guessed it…a funny way to teach body parts.

Pump, Pump Shuffle and How Much is that Doggie are two more great songs on this album.

The Learning Station has several albums available and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

5. Dr. Jean and Friends

I Tooty Ta, Do You? Don’t know what that means? Buy this album and you soon will. Album-Cover-Dr-Jean-and-Friends-theplayfulmoments

Your life with young children truly isn’t complete until you complete the actions in Tooty Ta. You may feel rather foolish, but your kids will be in stitches the farther they go in this song.


Mother Goony Bird and My Mother is a Baker are two more songs that got a workout in our classroom.

Dr. Jean has several albums and I recommend them all, especially if you are an early childhood teacher or homeschooling parent.

She has a way of teaching through music that resonates with young children.

6. 100 Silly Songs  Album-Cover-100-Silly-Songs-Sountdown-Kids-theplayfulmoments

This album by The Countdown Kids is a collection of 100 familiar silly songs. You probably know most (if not all) of these wacky tunes.

Our kids love listening to these songs while riding in the car. My husband and I could probably sing each song forwards and backwards and in our sleep because we have listened to them for years now.

We don’t mind carrying these tunes around in our head all day because they keep our kids happy and promote a love of music and singing.

From Row, Row, Row Your Boat to Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy and everything in between, this album has it all.


7. Wee Sing Silly Songs Album-cover-Wee-Sing-Silly-Songs-theplayfulmoments

This is an album you may remember as a child. I do for sure! We had a cassette tape with a thick book full of all the lyrics that I used to sing along with all the funny tunes.

My favorite song on this album is What Did Delaware? I also like Little Bunny Foo Foo, Bill Grogan’s Goat, Little Skunks Hole and My Hat, It Has Three Corners.


Wee Sing also has several other albums including an album of nursery rhymes and lullabies, an album of songs about dinosaurs and an album of Christmas songs.

I highly recommend each one of them. You might take a trip back to your childhood when you hear them.

Must Have Silly Song Albums for Kids

If you are in the market for songs that are fun, silly and active, then you need to buy these albums:

  • Singable Songs for the Very Young by Raffi
  • We All Live Together Volume 2 by Greg and Steve
  • Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye? by Hap Palmer
  • Tony Chestnut and Fun Time Action Songs by The Learning Station
  • Dr. Jean and Friends by Dr. Jean
  • 100 Silly Songs by Countdown Kids
  • Wee Sing Silly Songs by Wee Sing

Do you have any of these albums? Which ones do you like the most? Is there another silly song album you would recommend? I am always looking for more to add to our repertoire so let me know in the comments below.

What are you waiting for? Go purchase at least one album today. Then take the time to sing, dance and make silly memories with your kiddos!

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